This Sunchhahari Technical School is an educational institution registered in 2073 BS in the Office of the Registrar of Companies, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu. The school has been set up to produce skilled technicians with the idea that educated but non-technical manpower in the country cannot compete with technology in today's world and it requires skilled technical manpower. The institute has been conducting various vocational and employment oriented trainings with high level management and affiliation from the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). The manpower produced from this institute will produce competitive manpower in the current open market and will contribute to the reduction of poverty by investing the prevailing unemployment in the country in income generating and self-employed sectors on the basis of skill and capacity.


To make the non-technical manpower in the country efficient and self-employed by providing technical and vocational training.


Technical education is today's need, entrepreneurial education for self-reliance


1. To provide long and short term trainings by obtaining affiliation from CTEVT.

2. To provide efficient and competitive manpower required in the current market by providing training in high level management.

3. To facilitate the employment of the manpower produced in coordination and cooperation with various agencies.

4. To provide all kinds of facilities for the appropriate training and knowledge while new technologies are being developed.

5. To provide higher level technical education by getting approval from nepali and foreign universities.

Our attractions

1. Studies will be conducted in high level management.

2. To be trained by experienced and excellent trainers.

3. Training will be done through projector.

4. Separate experimental room has been arranged.

5. To conduct studies according to the syllabus of CTEVT.

6. Arrangement of hostel for interested students.

7. You can study up to E grade in SEE.

8. Having representative management committees of various sector.

9. Determine the management fee.

10. Insurance has been arranged for all staffs and students of the school.