The Dreamland Group Pvt.Ltd is a group of companies holding various businesses in Nepal. The company was founded in 2078 (B.S) with the aim to empower their businesses with additional facilities and satisfy their customers by providing quality, reliable services and products.

Back Story

Back to the story, the business was initiated with the idea of providing transportation facilities to the general public of Ghorahi, Dang. As a product, In 2057 (B.S.), Rajendra Shrestha & Sahadev Shrestha entered the market with the Kinetic Motorcycle Dealership as Vintuna Auto Engineering in Ghorahi, Dang.

The dream of making something remarkable led the generations to drive the business with extra energy, respect, and loyalty. As a result, the business took over various other sectors from Automobiles to hardware, chemical, packaging, and metal industry.

Our Business

  • In 2057 (B.S), Rajendra Shrestha & Sahadev Shrestha Started the Business as Kinetic Motorcycle Dealership as Vintuna Auto Engineering in Ghorahi, Dang.
  • In 2062 (B.S), Rajendra Shrestha Started the Business of YAMAHA Motorcycle Dealership as SHRESTHA AUTOMOBILES in Ghorahi, Dang
  • In 2068 (B.S). Dipak Shrestha Started the Business of Hardware of Retail as Dreamland Traders Pvt. Ltd. in Ghorahi, Dang.
  • In 2073 (B.S), Dreamland Traders Pvt. Ltd. opened Tulsipur Branch of Motorcycle Unit and started Wholesale Business of Mangalam Pipe, Tanks, Bath Fittings & Sanitaryware.
  • In 2075 (B.S), Two new units; Dreamland Chemicals & Packaging Pvt. Ltd. and Dreamland Metal Industry Pvt. Ltd. has started in association with Kul Bahadur Oli.

After the exponential success in various sectors, the team has decided to maintain all the core value of their business under the group administration and that is how The Dreamland Group Pvt. Ltd. was founded.



To be the most esteem company in Nepal, extremely appreciated by customers and employees.


Be the leader of new product and provide a quality product with a value price, Customer-oriented service, and relation focused

Core Values

We become united, uniform, and working together with a unified vision that integrated goals, processes, and strategies to achieve our vision.  We always seek opportunities to improve our quality and be better every day. At the same time, we raise our team members in higher positing in terms of financial, social, and spiritual. In any condition or situation, we always grow our company in every sector. And not only grow but we also in top position in our sector.

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